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Pet Bowl Mat Product Launch - it's here!!!!

After months of hard work, we are proud to finally announce the launch of 2MEEUK's Pet Bowl Mat. Our Pet Bowl Mat will be launched onto in September 2021. Follow the links below which will take you directly to our Amazon page. Thank you for your support everyone!

Pet Bowl Mat Product Launch - it's here!!!!
Pet Bowl Mat Product Launch - it's here!!!!

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Time is TBD


About the event

2MEEUK Pet Bowl Mat 

We are so proud to announce the launch of our unique and incredibly functional Pet Bowl Mat. Made from Diatomite, the 2MEEUK Pet Bowl Mat are organic and eco friendly, containing natural materials and no plastic, silicone or chemical dyes. Our Pet Bowl Mats are incredibly absorbent, soaking up water and liquid food within seconds, avoiding those annoying puddles of water, saving you time and effort each day. Our Pet Bowl Mats are not only incredibly effective in soaking up water, they are also very stylish and look far superior to similar products on the market. Ticks, Fleas and other creepy crawlies actively avoid our mats, and diatomite is resistant to mildew or mold. 

Key Features of the 2MEEUK Pet Bowl Mat: 

- Superb Absorbent (water and liquid food) 

- Easy to maintain 

- Anti mold and Mildew 

- Stylish and unique to suit the modern home 

- actively deters ticks, fleas and insects from the feeding/ drinking area 

- Organic and Eco -friendly 

- Non Slip Mat 

- Removes tendency to accidently move the mat as it's designed to be positioned into the corner of any room 

So - why not follow the links provided which will take you directly to our Amazon Store. From there it couldn't be simplier. Take a look at our photo's and videos and picture our gorgeous Pet Bowl Mat in your home. Then click Add to Cart and Buy the mat. It's really that simple. 

Thank you - we really mean it. Thank you for your time in entering our website and for reading through our information. And then if you do place an order, thanks again. All at 2MEEUK are incredibly grateful for your support. 

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