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2meeuk is a family run business which has the aim of sourcing and designing outstanding products which make your life easier. Our product designs and choices are based around our passions and experiences. 

Where did our unique business name come from? Good's pretty simple and all relates back to our family's and particularly our children: Monty, Evie and Ed hence the MEE section of the business name. 

2meeuk is based in North Yorkshire and we are surrounded by inspirational scenery and good, honest Yorkshire folk who are never shy to give us their honest opinion!  


Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and get in touch with any questions. is here for you.

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Our product Collection: 2meeuk

Our collection of products are inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle and mindset, based upon our travels and adventures over the years.  Characterised by clean and simple lines, calming colour pallets and incredibly functional features, our Diatomite Pet Mats for food and water bowls will actively enhance your families lives in your home.                                

Pet Mats!!!! The Swedes say you can tell a lot about people by the way they behave towards their pets. Scandinavians have a genuine love and affection for their pets and our simple pet mat reflects that. Take a look - "one should not judge a dog from its fur" (Swedish proverb). 

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UK Designed Pet Bowl Mats

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Tim and Phil have worked hard to design and manufacturer our amazing single Diatomite corner pet bowl mats so they look superb in the modern home. Our Diatomite pet bowl mats are unique in terms of style and practicality: offering features which no other cat and dog bowl mats on the market offer and at a price point which will reassure you as to the quality of our product. 

Gone are the days of hiding your pet bowls and feeding mats away when guests, family or friends arrive. In fact we are so confident in our dog and cat feeding mats that we believe you'll want to show them off! 

If you truly believe your pets are a part of your family, then why not make their dinner table as stylish, clean and hygienic as your family's. 

Our pet bowl mats will save you time and energy and will ensure you have less cleaning to do. The dog and cat food mat is highly absorbent due to the porous and unique material our mats are made from. The pet feeding mat is lightweight, durable and incredibly stylish and modern.  The area your pets feed and drink in will be more hygienic for your family and your pets, as the mat deters ants, ticks, fleas and other creepy crawlies from being attractive to your pets feeding area by spilt food or liquid. Our unique pet mats for food bowls are eco - friendly and organic, containing no plastic, silicone or chemical dyes. This ensures our feeding mats for cats and dogs are great for your pet, family and the environment. 

Beagle dog drinking clear water from ste

Here is our large Diatomite Pet Bowl Mat. Same amazing features, same gorgeous stylish design yet able to accommodate more drinking and food bowls. 

2MEEUK's larger Pet Bowl Mat will be available on after the Christmas period. 

*available in several scandi inspired colours. 

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Here's the Science bit.....

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1. Diatomite - A completely natural and organic product (grass of the sea) 

Our Diatomite mats are made from a naturally occurring, organic materials which is great for use in your home. 


What Our Customers Say

We are so pleased with our purchase. The Diatomite Pet Bowl Mat is such a feature, everyone asks about it when they come into our house. Ok, so it's more expensive than other brands, but it's totally unique, looks great, really practical and effective and a touch of scandi class to what is normally a pretty plain item on the floor. Thanks for info in the blogs too - a really good read.

Andy Holloway

We love it! and our cat loves it too. We always consider our cat to be part of our family and now we are treating the cat like it with giving her a really clean and hygienic place to eat and drink. It's so clever that it fits into the corner of the room, there's nothing like this anywhere else. This is a birthday or Christmas present for all pet lovers.

Laura Broderick

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Love the Blog posts, particularly the Pet Tech information. Like the Toplists - makes it really quick and easy to check our the best products in certain niche areas. Also enjoying learning about different home decor design styles - my wife is very impressed! Loved the Blog about getting a dog, made me chuckle! Thank You.

Simon Johnson

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Get to know the team behind 2MEEUK. We began our journey during the 2021 Covid Pandemic. Tim had left the military after twenty two years of service. Like so many teachers during Lockdown, Phil was teaching from home. Both Tim and Phil connected due to their love of food and began to forge the concept of 2meeuk; an exciting and innovative e-commerce business which focuses on developing a range of products which aim to solve problems and enhance the life and homes of families just like theirs. Read all about the team, and feel free to get in touch with additional questions.


Tim Duckett


After retiring from 22 years military service in 2010, I have spent the last 10 years building a property portfolio, 2MEEUK is my first venture into e-commerce, I am excited to be one of the directors, of this start up company and look forward to the challenges it will present. My family keep me young and Ed (my son) and Caz (wife and boss!) are increbibly supportive of my new venture.

Phil Gostling


After finishing university at Loughborough I entered the teaching profession and I've been involved in education for over twenty years. As my two gorgeous kids came along, my view of life has changed (perhaps due to a lack of sleep!) and I'm excited to be venturing into a new business as we look to thrive within the e- commerce space. My family, sport (particularly rugby), fitness and walking the dogs all keep me busy and smiling.


Upcoming Events

  • Pet Bowl Mat Product Launch - it's here!!!!
    Pet Bowl Mat Product Launch - it's here!!!!
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    After months of hard work, we are proud to finally announce the launch of 2MEEUK's Pet Bowl Mat. Our Pet Bowl Mat will be launched onto in September 2021. Follow the links below which will take you directly to our Amazon page. Thank you for your support everyone!
  • Competition - Great Yorkshire Getaway
    Competition - Great Yorkshire Getaway
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Enter our amazing competition and have a chance to win some great prizes, including a two night stay in the gorgeous village of Boston Spa, Wetherby. Nestled in the Golden Triangle, Boston Spa is surrounded by idyllic countryside, allowing for easy access to the cities of York, Harrogate and Leeds.
  • Calling all home cooks & foodies
    Calling all home cooks & foodies
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Fancy testing and reviewing our stunning new chopping board?
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