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Redbubble Journey

Hi guys, we are really pleased to announce that we are opening a shop through the popular print on demand* site Redbubble.

Visit our shop by following the link

Designs - the picture (above) shows some of unique and gorgeous designs which we have added to a number of products. Our product range includes T-shirts, bags, pillows, phone cases and greeting cards. Take a look at our shop folks

Unique design and great quality products

Our range of t-shirts are of superb quality. Pop over and visit our shop

* Print on Demand - Print on demand simply means we only print when the customer places an order. But, for us a small UK e-commerce company, it means we can ask other manufacturers to produce and delivery our amazing products straight to your door or to friends and family (our products are great gifts and presents).

Our beautiful wall mounted clock with another one of our unique Dachshund designs. Visit our Shop to see our full range of beautifully designs products.

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