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Basket case.......The Scandi Mindset: Scandi Design, Product Review.

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

What is Scandi?

The point where physical materials meets a calm and relaxed mindset is exactly the point where Scandi design sits. Scandi products are often simple, always elegant and frequently made from the best materials the world has to offer. The notion of welcoming the outside world in is at the heart of Scandi design. Grass, wood, wool, Cotton, clay, stone and even cement all help to open up your home to the outdoors.

Sit still, and you'll be in a box before you know it.....

If you take the time to explore many of the classic Scandi design looks, at the heart of them are storage solutions. Oh yes the Scandinavians love to store their belongings away - why? Well it's pretty simple, they aim to keep areas clear of clutter, open up spaces and allow light into what could be dark and unwelcoming places in your home.

Basket case.....

And one of the most effective yet cheapest ways to store or tidy away your odds and ends is in a basket.

Here we review four of the best on the market - take a look.

Basket 1 - La Jolíe Muse Woven Laundry Basket

The La Jolie Muse Woven Laundry Basket is a superb addition to any room. It's classic Scandi colour pallet is bang on point as is the unique design. Unlike many of it's competitors, this basket is one one main colour with the natural contrast colour only featuring at the top (or bottom) of the basket. The price point of the La Jolie Muse Woven Laundry Basket is good (£28.99). A variety of colours are available. The only down side if the basket is delivered folded so it will take a little use or an iron to remove the creases.

La Jolie Muse Woven Basket Dimensions

38cm (H) x 44cm (W)

Basket 2 - Sea Team Storage Baskets

The smallest basket in the review range but this is reflected in the price point (£13.99). You receive two baskets which is great value. There are two sizes to choose from and they come with a waterproof lining which is great and this lends itself to all sorts of uses. The Sea Team Storage Baskets can be used as a planter, to store make up or products or to store shoes, clothes or pet biscuits. The Sea Team Baskets are very versatile but the cotton and linen fabrics and well crafted designs give these little gems a great Scandi feel.

Sea Team Storage Basket Dimensions

14cm (H) x 17cm (W) x 16cm (D)

Basket 3 - Goodpick Large Rope Woven Basket

The Goodpick Large Woven Basket Dimensions

35cm (H) x 40cm (W) x 40cm (D)

The Goodpick large woven basket looks superb. This Scandi inspired basket works well as a laundry basket or versatile storage basket in any home . It's attractive colour pallet fits well within any home and it's size allows you to store anything from blankets and towels to toys or shoes. This is one of the best and it's price point is great too (£25.99). The handles give a sense of durability and strength which is useful in my house as the kids love to play in the basket. Try it our for yourselves - The Goodpick Large Woven Basket.

Basket 4 - La Jolíe Muse Large Woven Basket

We feature and review the second basket from La Jolie: the Large Woven Basket. Of all of the baskets reviewed within this blog, this basket is perhaps the one which features the most design aspects. Studded handle fittings, an on trend and totally unique macrame boarder and distinctive shape. The colour pallet is a classic Scandi range and the size and price point (£22.99) all equate to this being one of the top sellers across a number of platforms. Large enough to store a range of household items yet stylish enough to hide it's true purpose. Take a look for yourselves - La Jolie Muse Large Woven Basket

La Muse Large Woven Basket Dimensions

38cm (H) x 38cm (W) x 41cm (D)

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