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Dog Accessories: Toplist and review of dog accessories, great for new dog owners.

Read our list of key products we feel would benefit both you and your furry friend.

I think I was exclaimed that having a child would be like having a dog - ooooo how wrong was I! But, one factor which is similar are the amount of accessories which are available to kids and pets: toys, beds, bowls, leads....... the list is endless. So, here we’ve compiled a list of the best accessories which we feel would be great for your dog and hopefully make your life easier too.

Please feedback if you have tested any of these products or would like me include another product which you feel is a must have item based upon your experience with it. Thanks guys.

Accessory Top List

BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness

A superb product which incorporates durable fabrics and stitching. The Barkbay Dog Harness is available in a variety of colours and sizes and has an excellent price point (£18.99). This harness has a front clip (on the dogs chest) for the lead which differs from others on the market with the traditional back clip*. For me, the front clip allows far more control over your dog when on the lead. If you are training your dog or if it’s a puppy, this will afford you the ability to bring your dog to heel quickly and effectively. We love this product so take a look at the Barkbay Dog Harness.

*Back clip harnesses are effective, particularly for smaller breeds of dog or dogs which are perhaps older and better trained or require less reinforcement when on the lead. However, for medium to large and more active dogs, a back clip harness can place stress on the dogs legs and rib area as you pull the lead.

PetFusion Dog Bed with Memory Foam

The Petfusion Dog Bed is a superb mat which your pet will adore. It is available in a variety of sizes, is water resistant and with a removal cover, it can be washed easily. The colour is great and the

memory foam within the PetFusion Dog Bed holds its shape well over time. A good price point too (£89.95) considering the benefits which come with a memory foam bed. Take a look at the PetFusion Dog Bed with Memory Foam here.

SUPER DESIGN Slanted Dog Bowl

The trend is certainly heading towards raised bowls such as the Super Design slanted bowl for dogs. However, I implore you to not over complicate what is actually a relatively simple purchase. Your dog will drink from any bowl and will eat from anywhere so please don't linger on this decision.

The Super Design Slanted Dog Bowl is available in a variety of sizes and colours and is highly rated across a number of sales platforms. We have this bowl in our home and it does work in reducing the amount of food which is spilt when my dog eats. Take a look at the Super Design Slanted Dog Bowl here.

Furbo Dog Camera

We LOVE this piece of Pet Tech: It’s stylish, effective and rather addictive so be careful folks.

Its HD camera provides day and night vision whilst its two-way speaker system allows you to talk to your dog. I’m still not quite sure why it's 'two way' though – are we expecting our dog to answer back?! You can give your dog small treats during the day or after you provide a verbal command which is superb. Because the Furbo Dog Camera is so stylish in colour and design, you can

place it anywhere around the house and one of it’s best functions is the Furbo Dog Camera’s Dog Detection notification system. The Furbo Dog Camera will detect when you dog is barking and will send you a notification allowing you to know and then take a look at what’s happening in your home. It’s brilliant and will give you peace of mind when you’re out of the house which is great if you’ve got a new dog, puppy or want to check up on those entering your house (Dog walker etc). Like most gadgets it is expensive (£189.00). However, the peace of mind you'll get from installing the Furbo Dog Camera in your home is worth it, so follow this link to take a look.


When I first heard about the benefits of pets taking Hemp Oil I was sceptical. Then my parents old Springer Spaniel began to really struggle with joint pain, arthritis and seizures and their vet pointed them in the direction of Hemp Oil.

They were blown away by the results and the impact it had on their dogs wellbeing. We now give our Springer Spaniel (Yes she is crazy!) Hemp oil three times per week (unless she is achy or overly anxious due to a specific event when we increase the weekly amounts) and it works well to keep her calm and relieve her anxiety (which we often see through our Furbdog Camera) particularly when we are not at home during the day. Strellalab Hemp oil provides relief from pain, anxiety, decrease the chance of seizures and can greatly improve holistic wellness and the overall quality of life for your dog. Do your research and think about the benefits to you and your pet before trying.

But, it is worth looking at the Strellalab Hemp Oil, as for our extended dog loving family, it has made a huge impact on our dogs quality of life.

*The opinions and product selection above are based on our personal preferences

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