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Scandi Design: Products, Ideas and Best Sellers - Not too much, Not too little - Just right (Lagom)

Updated: Apr 15, 2021


The art of Lagom: not too much, not too little - just right. A mantra I could perhaps employ in other areas of my life (I can hear my family agreeing as we consider my work life balance, or my love of films and so on and so on.......).

The Key Concepts to Scandi Design

Scandi design is based around light, space and combining natural materials with modern, contemporary shapes and materials.

For me, attempting to bring aspects of the best of Scandi design into my home is associated with growing up and having some sense of control. With a tidy, organised home comes with it the sense of calm and peace - until the kids arrive back home and the house quickly resembles Tornado Alley.

Affordable Scandi for your home

We've assembled a few pieces and products which are inspired by Scandi living. Remember the concepts of light, space and combining natural and man made materials. Follow the links for a closer look at each product.

Light: 32 Pieces Removable Acrylic Mirror Wall Sticker

We love these stunning yet cheap (£12.99) alternatives to the mirrored design we see in so many Scandi designs. It's clear they bring light and and the illusion of space to any room and are ideal for your living room, hallway or bathroom. The Removable Acrylic Mirror Stickers come in a variety of shapes so you can create a genuine Scandi feel in a completely bespoke and personal design for you. Take a look by clicking on the link.

Space - We've assembled a selection of simple, yet elegant Side Tables for you to look at. All with the aim of saving space or providing space.

1. Kingrack coffee table 2. Decorative Wooden Table 3. Eden Bridge Side Table

Our favourite is the Kingrack coffee table with the fabric lower tier which holds books, magazines - the list is endless. Great for in the living room or by the bedside. The Decorative Wooden Table is simple, and provides a cheaper yet elegant alternative to the other two designs. The look is one of mixed materials, yet the top level is MDF - it's effective. The Eden Bridge Side Table is elegant and slightly different to most Scandi furniture designs with the inclusion of faux marble on the top layer. This combined with the striking gold metal provides the mix of materials which Scandi designs build themselves upon.

Natural and Mixed Materials - Here we've compiled a little list of our favourite products which bring the best of natural materials or a mix of materials to bring style, elegance and simplicity to your home. Take a look.

This stunning large super soft cotton throw looks amazing sprawled across a sofa or bed. It measures an impressive 1.5 m x 2m and it's price point is excellent (£12.99).

If you've yet to discover wall mounted planters then try the Umber Trigg Wall mounted Hangers and Ceramic Pots. Again mixing metal frames (Brass or Silver) with white ceramic geometric designed pots. Ideal for succulent indoor plants, cactus or herbs. They are really easy to mount onto the wall and help to leave surfaces and floors free of clutter, moving the 'outside touch' onto the wall. Great against deeper colours (although remember the Scandi colour pallet rarely uses big areas of bold colours). The price point is good (£15.00) and they come as a pair. Check out the Umber Trigg wall mounted hangers.

Comsaf Ceramic Vase set (Set of three) - I love this set of vases and as all Scandi design lovers know a vase allows you to bring the magic of mixed material into the home, here by simply adding a gorgeous ceramic pot with plants, flowers or grasses from the outdoors. The Comsaf Ceramic Vase set come in three different shapes, allowing you to play with both the height and width of the organic material you wish to bring into your home. Place a pot on a table (see our side tables section above) against a plain wall within a de-cluttered corner and watch the space come alive and draw the eye. Simple, yet elegant really is important to all Scandi designs. Price point is great (£19.99) and I do believe these will provide a cheap, simple and incredibly on trend feature to your home. Take a look here.

Oucles Wall Mounted Wire Board - Love, love, love these boards. Where did the pin board go?!?!? Well we have mobile phones and iwatches so who needs an organiser on the wall in the home (in the hallway, kitchen or home office)? It appears alot of families do! As we look to talk more to each other and bring our family network closer this is an ideal tool to help you achieve that. Pin up/ hang important dates notes, pictures you love or even small plants, diffusers or keys. This hardened wall mounted wire board has a superb price point (£20.99), comes with a few hooks and pegs and is easy to mount on your wall. I really do love this product as it sings 'Scandi' to me every time I walk past it in my hallway. Follow this link to take a look.

We've attached one of our favourite videos below - we challenge you to watch it and not want to add or change the design of your home to move towards achieving Lagom and step into the world of Scandi design. Thanks for reading folks and please take a look at the products featured above. Phil and Tim

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