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Toothbrush Holder Toplist Countdown: Bathroom Accessories, Product Review

Today, I visited the birthplace of the person who invented the toothbrush.

I was surprised to find there was no plaque........

Ok - I apologise but I couldn't resist. Below you'll find our countdown of toothbrush holders on the market and available for you today. The Scandi design principles can certainly be applied to the smaller rooms of the house, and often our bathroom is one of the most dysfunctional and cluttered rooms. Take a look at our countdown and follow the links to the toothbrush holders you like. Go on, get that sink area organised and help your mind relax at the start and end of your day.

Toothbrush Holder Toplist Count Down

No. 6 The 'All Singing and All Dancing' FXY Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser and Toothbrush set,Toothpaste Squeezer with 5 Brushes and 4 Cups

Is this the future? Well the humble toothbrush holder has certainly entered the 22nd Century as the FXY Automated toothbrush holder has so many features it's hard to describe them all. In short it dispenses toothpaste at the press of a button, holds multiple toothbrushes and holds four cups which should cater for your family....if there's four of you. It's made of plastic and comes in a range of colours and it works really effectively as a wall mounted toothbrush holder by providing room and space in areas often cluttered.

No.5 The Yoassi Toothbrush Holder Multifunctional 304 Stainless Steel Holder, a classic Old School wire toothbrush holder which your parents will be a fan of. Now there's little style about this classic piece but it's so effective that it is still one of the best selling

options out there. However, one of the main Scandi principles of design is to seek to mix materials, so if your bathroom is tiled with stainless steel fixtures and fittings, then the Yoassi Toothbrush Holder may fit right in.

No.4 The Easy-store Toothbrush Holder is another relatively large toothbrush holder.

This model can sit on the sink top or can be wall mounted. The price point is good (£13.99) and it's large enough to hold electric and traditional toothbrushes which is great for young families. It's size is an issue for me and the fact it's yet another plastic product may get you thinking of the world around you.

No.3 The legendary Joseph Joseph Toothbrush Holder. They don't get much more popular than this brand or design and many have attempted to copy this. Its simple

design and colour pallet lend itself immediately to a Scandi design and it's simplicity also ensures it's incredibly functional and effective. It's clear the Joseph Joseph Toothbrush holder hits the mark. Great price point too (£10.00).

No.2 The Wenko Cermaic Tumbler is gorgeous in both its simplicity and in design. A great colour of grey

and white works well in any modern bathroom and without gadgets or wall mounts, the Wenko Tumbler just hits the mark. No plastic and a good price point (£10.35).

No.1 The HouseSister Organic Diatomite Toothbrush holder. If you've never heard of diatomite then please, please, please look this material up. It'll blow your mind and get you questioning why you've not bought more products mad of this stuff before. The Housesister Organic Diatomite Toothbrush holder is simple, incredibly stylish and will let all know that you are a family with an eye the future. Eco -friendly, organic and not a shiny plastic cup in sight. Price point is at the higher end of the average spend (£15.99) but it comes in a large variety of Scandi inspired colours. This is not just a toothbrush holder, it's a statement on a number of fronts. Take a look guys.

We really hope this little countdown has been useful and has perhaps introduced you to some new products, designs and even materials. Thanks for reading. Phil and Tim.

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